About Us

One day, not so long ago. The desire of having the perfect glass of wine was all I could think about. How I said? How can I achieve that desired taste, texture and temperature?

Well obviously, I said that I need good wine but how to keep it stored in my house? So that every time I am ready so is the wine. That was the question which eluded me.

As a result the passion I share for wine started a long journey of researching the best wine fridge to suit my needs and after discovering that there is not one single store in Australia that is focusing just on delivering the best wine fridges out there. I decided to create Wine Silo!

A store dedicated to wine enthusiasts like me who deserve better than what is out there.

That's why I make Wine Silo the best place to not only shop for wine fridges but also a place of knowledge where lost souls of wine lovers could come and learn and realise how easy and affordable it is to have a wine fridge.

This has been a journey for me. From discovering all different types of wine fridges out there. To learning which type of fridge is best for which wine. To creating a store and providing you with a growing collection. To being where I am and finally, to continue to create not just a great shopping experience but also to create a wine community.

That is why every day I wake up with a goal in my mind. To focus my energy on serving people who are curious, need information, love wine and want to be part of a lovely community. Wine fridges are not only for enthusiasts anymore. At Wine Silo I am dedicated to provide wine fridges to anyone who wants it by providing a large collection at the best prices and exceptional customer service.

If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch and view our five step plan to honor our commitment to the community we are creating Right Here!.