Why Wine Fridge Is An Asset

Why Wine Fridge Is An Asset

“Wine tastes better with age.”

This line is a famous assumption that is believed by so many. Consistent to how this is credited, the expression ‘ageing like a fine wine’ meant growing old with dignity and grace. But, is this true though?

It’s all true, when done right. Wine does age wonderfully as long as it is a fine one. Now, do your expensively purchased wines a favor and age them properly! There are smart ways of doing so which break down to getting the right storage and stable temperature. Here are some factors you must check: 

Too cold

You may not realize it, but very low temperatures can impact the wine too. Actually, it freezes at a lower temperature than water because of its alcohol content (around 20 - 22°F). Very low temperatures can cause the cork to be pushed out or seepage may occur due to the expansion and contraction of the liquid inside the bottle – causing a wine to oxidize. This will result in having your wines taste tired and past its prime. The flavor will be much affected and its distinct taste losing over the time. Worst case, the pressure may push the cork out completely or break the bottle. You wouldn’t want that.

Too hot

Very high temperatures, on the other hand, can greatly ruin wine as well. Temperatures over 70°F for a significant amount of time can permanently taint the flavor of wine. Extremely high temperatures even for short intervals, can cause unpleasant reactions that produce chemicals with terrible aromas and flavors turning it sour and jammy. Pass 80°F and wine starts to cook. The pressure will begin pushing the cork out allowing air to seep through the cork - leading to oxidation too. Yes, you wouldn’t want that too!

Temperature is an essential element for ageing and storing fine wines. Too low and the process is hampered, too high and the process is ruined. Now, small fluctuations wouldn’t cause any harm, right? Let us find out.

Small fluctuations in Temperature

Sorry, but your wines will be compromised too and may age prematurely if the temperature continuously fluctuates by several degrees up or down. This may also lead to oxidation and making your precious wines taste flat through time.

With this in mind, you should be fast in looking to store your wine properly for the coming and often brutal Australian summer. Temperatures vary from night to day and between seasonal extremes. As a result, certain portions of the Earth are extremely cold, while others are scorching hot. It may therefore appear absurd to speak about the average temperature. This factor is an obvious disadvantage to your wine ageing. During summer, heat waves are becoming more frequent, giving rise to the possibility of improperly stored wines getting cooked. “Cooked” wines are those that have been warmed for a significant time. Warm temperatures (even those just over 75°F) dull or flatten the flavor of a wine. In severe cases, the wine takes on a stewed, raisin-like flavor. You surely wouldn’t want that.

Store in style

Having a wine fridge shows your dedication to quality wines while adding that luxury touch in your home bar. There are a lot of wine fridges you can choose from so it can fit in your home bar in your kitchen or any part of your home. There are a lot of premium wine fridges with a not so premium price. More than avoiding risks, having a wine fridge definitely is a great investment and is a must have.


As summer is fast approaching in Australia, temperatures will soon be out of control. Letting your fine wines just sit in your cupboards will be such a waste! Store your wine properly to get the full experience of its richness and smoothness as the holidays are approaching. Prepare for the coming season to not ruin your date nights, get togethers, family dinners, or just your alone time with your precious wines. Now’s the best time to make the purchase. Do yourself a favor, invest in a quality wine fridge now!

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