What’s The Best Wine Fridge For Me?

What’s The Best Wine Fridge For Me?


Wine fridges are increasing in popularity due to their convenience, quality and performance. Wine aficionados all have a wine fridge because they realise the importance of the value they bring to their beloved wines. For some of them their wines cost much more than the fridge and it becomes a no brainer to own a wine fridge.

However, you do not need to be a wine freak to own a wine fridge, they keep your favorite drinks at just the perfect temperature and condition. For you to enjoy them at their maximum taste. Along with that the price range is incredibly varied to suit everyone needs and requirements which all results in more reasons to own a wine fridge than to not.

Important point to note is that some people might still be going on with the age old wisdom that red wine is to be kept at room temperature. Why do I need a dedicated fridge for that? This is true if you live in a large European castle where the cellar stays cold year round maintaining and nurturing those precious bottles with utmost care. But if you are living in the land down under where for four months our country turns into a large oven aka summertime. Then we cannot be holding our red wine to the same castle standards. That is why it is important that all types of wine be kept at the temperature they are meant to be at. If you would like to know more about keeping which wine at what temperature exactly, please read our other post “Hot or Cold, Wine Temperature Matters”.

Now, there is still a big task ahead for you. Which wine fridge best suits my needs? and with so many different types available at winefridge.com.au I am sure there is one just perfect for you. Below I explain the different types of wine fridge and different technology they use to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your wine fridge and to make sure it fits in your kitchen as perfectly as a missing piece of the puzzle.


Single Zone Wine Coolers

As the name suggests these coolers can only maintain one temperature range. They do have racks which are optimally spaced to keep every bottle at that one perfect temperature. They come in both compressor and thermoelectric cooler variations. These are beneficial for a person starting out or does not want the hassle of constantly messing with the settings.

If you want something which is affordable, easier to use and will hold one type of wine at perfect temperature than this suits you the best.


Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Dual zone wine coolers operate similarly in some manner to a single zone cooler with the obvious exceptions that there are two zones in the fridge usually separated by a partition. This allows multiple different types of wines to be kept at different temperatures. They also come in both compressor or thermoelectric variations but due to the dual zone nature they operate and impact the cooling differently so be aware of that.

These coolers are usually more expensive, bigger and not ideal for people who only drink the same type of wine. The good thing is that you have lots of control on how your wines are cooled making sure that you get that perfect taste every time.


Compressor Wine Coolers

This is a very common technology used in fridges in general. It works simply by compressing air and releasing it to lower the temperature of the interior of a wine cooler also known as vapor compression cycle. Some key points to consider are:

  • This type of wine fridge is very quick to respond to a temperature fluctuation. Once a desired temperature is set or a range is set, the fridge works quickly to reach and maintain it.
  • Due to the nature of the technology these types of fridges can be set anywhere in homes, apartments, townhouses, business, etc.
  • They are extremely efficient at performing the set functions.
  • They have rapid cooling times so wines can be cooled within minutes not hours.
  • Vast range of temperature settings available.
  • They offer dual range cooling so red and white wine can be stored in the same cooler.
  • Due to the nature of this technology the heat is dissipated in the back so when installing the owner needs to make sure there is space in the back for the heat to scatter.
  • It can consume a lot of electricity depending on the requirement of the user.
  • It has low mobility due to heavy installation but can still be moved after installation.
  • Due to the motor used for cooling it causes noise and vibrations.
  • It can hold many bottles due to its cooling capacity.

Compressor wine coolers are very versatile fridges due to their nature of available functions, efficiency in reaching and maintaining the temperature, note being impacted by the external environment and ease of installation in most spaces.


Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

Thermoelectric wine coolers rely on a new nontraditional technology which comes with its own rewards and constraints. Instead of a motor there is a metal rod which is electrolyzed to create a temperature differential. The hot part faces the outside where the heat is removed from the fridge and the cold side faces the interior. Some key points to note are:

  • As there is no motor present this cooler is silent and vibration free which helps preserve the quality of the wine.
  • Over freezing is not possible.
  • Not having a motor also makes the cooler more versatile and lightweight, making it easy to be moved around.
  • It does not consume too much electricity.
  • Due to the limitations of the technology the cooler reduces the temperature by 10°C - 12°C compared to the environment it is in.
  • It is not as quick at cooling as a compressor cooler and requires more time to cool down.
  • Its performance is reliant on its environment.
  • It is less predictable in its performance and therefore has less option for different present settings.
  • It can hold less bottle then compressor cooler and is ideal for moderate setting.


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