Finding the Best Wine for Valentine’s (or For Any Special Occasion Really)

Finding the Best Wine for Valentine’s (or For Any Special Occasion Really)

What makes a perfect Valentine’s Day? Surely, we speak in all the love languages when we say that being with your significant other on such a special day is perfect alone. This year is the best time to make yourselves excused from crowded, hyped-up restaurants with such outrageous costs; and just rather stay intimately cosy and safe at the comfort of your homes. Let’s admit it, staying in is so much better than going through all the bothers of hitting the town.

Now, a date at home should not make Valentine’s less of a fancy. After setting up a romantic table for two, choosing the best bottle from your bar fridge is the next big step. Opening a bottle of fine wine will easily make the night as special as it already is. When choosing between reds and whites, it is important to consider the dish that you’re going to pair it with to come up with the best palate experience. Here are the secrets to choosing the best wine bottle for your valentine’s date.

When you prepare a romantic meal at home, you have more flexibility in selecting the ideal wine for Valentine's Day to match the food and make your partner happy. You may even choose your supper around the wine, creating recipes that feature a certain bottle. You can mix the wine with music or construct your tasting tour, working your way from the lightest, most aromatic wines in your collection to the boldest and richest.

Choosing from Red Wines

On Valentine's Day, red wine is a popular choice among lovers. The holidays are a fantastic time to pop open a bottle of your favourite red wine that you wouldn't ordinarily open for a weeknight meal. Red wine pairs well with red meats, pork, and decadent chocolates and cheeses. It's important to remember that red wines aren't recommended for sweets or desserts.

Feasting on your favourite grilled beef cut? Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, Bordeaux, or Italian Sangiovese are ways to go. Serving grilled chicken or pork, perhaps? Consider Burgundy, California, or New Zealand Pinot Noirs. Is it time for some ragù and pasta? Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley and Valpolicella from northern Italy are both excellent choices.

A great red wine depends on your preferred taste. You don't have to like wine just because it's vintage or well-aged. Aged aromas, like truffles and aged cheeses, are an acquired taste. If you're new to wine tasting, it's a good idea to try a few different things and be a little more daring with your choices.

Choosing from White Wines

While you can't go wrong with most white wines, some are superior to others and better suited to specific situations. White wine complements delicate fish, poultry, and white-sauce pasta.

Silky whites, such as Chardonnays from California, Chile, and Australia, pair well with salmon or any other type of shellfish in a creamy sauce. When paired with equally delicate white wines, such as Pinot Grigio or Arneis from Italy or Chablis from France; light seafood dishes like shrimp tostada bits appear to take on more flavour. With a goat's cheese salad or root vegetable soups like carrot or parsnip, try a light to medium-bodied Colombard, which is also great with creamy chicken sauces. Viognier is another pleasant white aperitif that pairs well with heavier 'fusion' dishes like fish with mango and spice.

There's a white wine variety to fit each culinary set menu or occasion, no matter how simple or opulent. Whether you prefer sweet, dry, or somewhere in between, there is a white wine to please your palette.

Your Valentine experience ought to be filled with things you love. Whatever colour there may be, make sure to choose the wine that will compliment your sweet special night with your special someone. 

In seasons like this, wine cellars are luxuries that can save you from so much stress. Quick switching of bottles or wanting to indulge in not just one wine wouldn’t be much of a problem if you have a cellar of your own, but we all know that owning one would be highly costly. Good thing, dual-zone wine fridges can just do the same. Different varieties of wines require different temperatures to maintain their tastes and aromas. With a dual-zone wine fridge, you can rest easy knowing that your whole wine collection is in excellent hands. Perhaps you want a deep red to drink with dinner, or perhaps you'd prefer a crisp white to drink while snuggled up in your favourite blanket with your partner. Whichever you choose, it would always be great if you have stored up enough range for your fun date possibilities.

Dual-zone wine fridges provide several conveniences for keeping any mix of wines chilled to perfection. Look through our extensive selection of wine fridges at Wine Silo and bring home the style that will help you in arranging the perfect indoor date.

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